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Top-Notch Features Of Pokemon Go Game

The latest game being played worldwide is Pokemon Go, where you have to walk around in real life to discover hidden Pokemon everywhere. But what features does such a game offer? Pokemon Go by Niantic is the latest gaming sensation that has captured people’s attention across generations and geography. For enjoying the pokemon game, all you have to do is create a pokemon go account.

The augmented reality-based app game by Niantic Labs has come as a boon for those using it as an escape from mundane life and want an inexpensive free outdoor activity, which encourages family time and exercise among gamers. It has been rated as the top free mobile app downloaded in 2016, with no signs of slowing down. In addition, there are many top-notch features of the Pokemon game that you can enjoy while playing.

Augmented reality

Unlike all the other games where you have to view virtual reality, Pokémon Go uses your camera and GPS to give you the superpower of seeing hidden Pokémon in real life. The game uses a camera and GPS technology which shows you Pokemon whether you are near a Poke stop or not. An augmented reality Pokémon game on mobile devices can be a money-spinner for Niantic Labs as it allows them to tap into a new market that has never been tapped before.

Character development

The game is a series of mini-games and activities you need to complete to strengthen your character and make your trainer stronger. The game helps you build up your character by bestowing rewards for completing specific tasks.


You can track all the location-wise movement of Pokemon, where it came from, how far it has travelled to, and other advancement stats on it through Google Maps. Various achievements come with different level milestones you need to complete to move forward.

Play With Real Players

After registering a pokemon go account to play this game, you can play with real players, and even you can play with one of your friends who used this software and enjoy it without restrictions. The game is exciting and amusing to play.

Power Leveling And Costumes

Levelling up is done pretty quickly by earning experience points by exploring real-world surroundings with the Pokemon Go app installed on your phone or tablet computer. In addition, the game gives different options to dress up as various Pokémon, and there are lots of costumes available for you and your trainer.

Other activities

Besides the regular running, walking, and catching of Pokemon, you can also play other mini-games and activities such as hide and seek,  driving in a car inside the street from point A to B, building the most efficient gym or Gym Badge by levelling up Pokemon CP.

The game has around 100 different achievements for players that you need to complete before moving on to the next mission or level.

These are the best features of the Pokemon go game that you can access by making a pokemon go account with the software.

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